Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving and waxing those areas of unwanted hair? Annoyed by the painful bumps and irritation, and the time it takes to be hair free every day? Do not let unwanted hair on your body, and face continue to be an aggravation.

Our Sciton Forever Bare BBL treatment offers the most comfortable and safe hair removal option on the market today. BBL laser technology provides the most thorough, and in many cases permanent, hair removal. Sciton’s extremely even heating of hair follicles minimizes missed areas that occur with other hair removal devices. Sciton’s founders not only invented this laser technology, but continue to be the leader in the industry. They have invented an integrated chill tip technology that make our treatments quick, easy and effective. This procedure provides the longest lasting hair reduction results for our clients with black to light brown hair.

Laser hair removal packages consist of 6 treatments. This ensures that the laser treatments target hairs in the active phase of the growth cycle, destroying the follicular structure of hair, leaving skin smooth and hair free. Not all hair growth occurs at the same time. Our Forever Bare BBL treatments can be done virtually on the entire body, including but not limited to lip, chin, underarms, brazilian, bikini line and legs. A large portion of our laser hair removal clients are men who want the unwanted back hair removed.

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