It’s no secret that the shape and style of your eyebrows can make or break your look! That’s why Elite Medi Spa has Bend’s very own Brow Babe, Jesslin Close, Oregon State Board Dual Licensed Tattoo and Phibrow Artist.

Daily make-up routines and tireless plucking, waxing and shaping is time consuming and rarely leaves you with the best version of your brows!

Now you can achieve flawless brows with Microblading, the hottest trend in brows and beauty!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a method of manually implanting perfectly matched pigment in hair-like strokes in the epidermis to create fuller and darker looking eyebrows. It is the latest development in semi-permanent make-up, and the natural looks are achieved using a sharp hand-held blade made up of at least seven micro-needles.

Your new brows will last anywhere between 1-3 years based on the environmental exposure it receives.

Top Ways Microblading Can Benefit YOU

1.Reduce the amount of time you need to get ready in the morning

Let’s not kid ourselves, make up takes time! With Microblading, your eyebrows are already perfect, so your make-up application time is reduced!

2. Alternative solution for those with skin diseases like alopecia or hair loss from chemotherapy to provide a natural or fuller looking brow.

Microblading was originally founded in Asia for cancer patients who had gone through chemotherapy and lost a significant amount of eyebrow hair. Microblading will benefit anyone who is experiencing hair loss or a lack of hair growth in the brows thanks to any disease that may be causing it.

3. No smudge or smearing!

No need to worry when exercising or leading an active lifestyle, with Microblading the pigment is implanted into the first 2 layers of the skin and will not smudge due to water or smear off if you touch it. No need for touch-ups throughout your day.

4. Virtually Painless

Sessions only take 2 hours with follow up session 4-6 weeks out for 30-60 minutes

5. Long Lasting

Lasts 1-3 years, Microblading is semi-permanent

6. Pigment does not change color, it only loses saturation

All pigments used in Microblading are organic and specifically made so that they do not change color.

7. Very safe! Minimally invasive and very little down time

Important Information to Consider before your Appointment