SunFX Spray Tans

Elite Medi Spa uses the Sun FX spray tan system. It’s all natural, no chemicals or preservatives and it gives you a beautiful golden glow for every occasion. We have many options from light summer to competition dark. We also offer a solution for sensitive skin that is enriched with aloe. This is a perfect way to get a quick 2 hr tan for all occasions.

Levels Explained

Different solutions within our range are available in a variety of ‘levels’ as described below:

Light Summer: This level produces a gorgeous natural tan on virtually all skin types. Perfect for those fair and/or sensitive skin types.

Mid Summer: All the benefits of our Light Summer tanning solutions but with a 40% increase in the active ingredients. Should be used with caution on some sensitive skin types. SunFX recommends patch testing when in doubt.

Dark Summer: Formulated for those with Olive or non-sensitive skin types who prefer that much sought after richer, darker tan. Our strongest formulation. REMEMBER: Only recommended for people with darker complexions and people with non-sensitive skins. SunFX recommends patch testing when unsure about skin types.

Showtime: The perfect solution for dancers, cheerleaders, or those clients with very dark skin tones. (this solution would be one level darker than a Dark Summer)

Showdown: The ultimate competition colour, for bodybuilders, fitness, phyisque and bikini models (this solution would be two to three levels darked than a Dark Summer.  Available in Base (contains DHA) and Finish (bronzer only)