Sugaring is a hair removal treatment that has been practiced for centuries throughout Northern Africa, Greece and the Middle East.

A gel made from sugar, lemon and hot water is used to pull hair out of the roots, rather than a wax that adheres to your skin and pulls your skin when you are removing the hair. It is especially great for individuals with sensitive skin and blonde peach fuzz as it’s less likely to cause irritation.

To be a candidate for sugaring, your hair must be at least a quarter of an inch long so that the gel is able to bind to the hair and pull it out at the root. We also recommend that you exfoliate the area prior to your sugaring appointment, thus ensuring that the area you plan on removing hair is well exfoliated and not oily. You can easily clean up any residue from sugaring with water since all of the ingredients in the mix are natural.

Post-sugaring, it is recommended that you avoid hot water, exfoliation, gym activity and the sauna for 48 hours.